Our Services

Our legal nurse consulting services provide attorneys with a powerful advantage in their cases. With our in-depth medical knowledge and experience, we offer {expert witness services}, thorough medical record analysis, and precise case evaluations. Partner with us to strengthen your legal strategies and achieve favorable outcomes in complex medical-related litigation!

Assessing and Analyzing Medical Records and Case Reports

  • Screen cases for merit
  • Identify and review relevant medical records and hospital policies and procedures
  • Organize, summarize, interpret, translate medical records
  • Chronologies of case content
  • Identify applicable standards of care and noted deviations
  • Identify causation and damages, and contributing factors
  • Screen for medical record tampering
  • Develop written reports

Provide Research, Validity, and Case Coordination

  • Integrate standards of care and clinical practice guidelines
  • Validating research used by all parties
  • Independent medical exam (IMEs) coordination
  • Life care planning assistance
  • Be a medical resource to the attorney

Function as the Attorney’s Liaison

  • Plaintiff and defense client interviews
  • Key witness and expert interviews
  • Consult with other healthcare professionals
  • Become a liaison for the attorney to other parties, healthcare professionals, consulting and testifying experts, witnesses, etc.

Work with Experts and Other Witnesses

  • Expert witness location, coordination and communication
  • Witness report analysis and comparison
  • Locate and collaborate with testifying experts
  • Deposition and trial prep for witnesses and experts

Assist with Discovery and Court Preparation

  • Prepare deposition and trial questions, interrogatories
  • Review, analyze and summarize depositions

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